Alert: Pink WhatsApp Scam Targets Users – Stay Vigilant and Secure

Pink WhatsApp Scam Targets Users - Stay Vigilant and Secure

Beware of the Pink WhatsApp Scam: Safeguard Your Privacy and Avoid Fraudulent Attempts

In recent times, a new WhatsApp scam known as the ‘Pink WhatsApp‘ has gained significant popularity, enticing users with promises of a new version of WhatsApp with additional features.

However, behind this enticing offer lies a malicious intent by scammers to compromise users’ devices and steal personal data. It is crucial for users to be aware of such scams and take necessary precautions to protect themselves.

In this article, we will discuss the ‘Pink WhatsApp’ scam and other prevalent WhatsApp scams, along with recommended actions to ensure your digital security.

Understanding the ‘Pink WhatsApp’ Scam:

The ‘Pink WhatsApp’ scam involves circulating a message that tempts users with the prospect of a new version of WhatsApp, boasting additional features. However, according to the Mumbai Police, this message is part of a phishing attempt to hack users’ mobile devices.

Scammers continuously develop new techniques to deceive users, making it vital to be cautious and avoid falling prey to such scams. The advisory emphasizes relying on reliable sources to prevent falling for hoax messages and to maintain a secure digital environment.

The Risks Involved:

Clicking on the provided link in the ‘Pink WhatsApp’ message can have severe consequences. It can lead to attackers gaining unauthorized access to personal data or the user’s device. Scammers may exploit contact information for their benefit, resulting in potential financial loss, misuse of credentials, or compromised debit and credit card information.

If You Have Already Downloaded ‘Pink WhatsApp’:

If you have unintentionally downloaded the ‘Pink WhatsApp’ app, the Mumbai Police strongly advises uninstalling it immediately. Furthermore, they warn against downloading applications from unofficial play stores or clicking on suspicious links.

Steps to Remove ‘Pink WhatsApp’:

To effectively remove ‘Pink WhatsApp,’ users should first verify that it is not connected to any other devices. This can be done by checking the ‘Linked devices’ section in WhatsApp settings. Some reports suggest that ‘Pink WhatsApp’ may attempt to hide itself from the list of installed apps after installation.

To properly uninstall the software, users must manually remove suspicious devices.

Additionally, it is essential to inspect all download directories to ensure that no remaining files from the download are present on the device, ensuring the protection of user data.

Other WhatsApp Scams to Watch Out For:

Users have reported receiving erroneous calls from overseas numbers starting with prefixes such as +84, +62, +60, and others. It is crucial to exercise caution when answering or responding to calls or texts from unfamiliar or obfuscated numbers.


Stay vigilant and proactive in safeguarding your digital security. Protect yourself from the ‘Pink WhatsApp’ scam by refraining from clicking on suspicious links or downloading apps from unofficial sources.

Regularly review your WhatsApp settings, monitor your device’s activities, and be cautious of communication from unknown numbers. By staying informed and taking necessary precautions, you can ensure a secure digital environment and protect yourself from potential scams and cyber threats.

Source: DNA India |  Date: June 28, 2023