cybersecurity skill gap

Did you know that India is grappling with a massive cybersecurity skill gap? It’s time we bridge the divide and secure our digital future.

What does the future hold for cybersecurity?

Brace yourselves! According to recent surveys, an alarming percentage of professionals believe that attacks on their organizations will significantly increase from 2022 to 2023.

Threat Actors that will significantly effect organisations in 2023

Introducing the Top Threat Actors of 2023! Brace yourselves, my fellow digital warriors, as we delve into the sector of cybersecurity. From cunning nation-state

pathway for attacks

Here is a quick overview of the various pathways of attack that can pose risks to our digital ecosystems in 2023. It is crucial

The US has announced

The US National Cybersecurity Strategy seeks to protect critical infrastructure, including hospitals and clean energy facilities, from cyberthreats.

Organizations have become

Organizations have become far more vulnerable to cyberthreats because digital information and technology are now so heavily integrated into day-to-day work 💼 We answer

Home IT networks

Who should be responsible for cybersecurity in the home? Home IT networks are becoming more difficult to protect as consumers use more connected devices,