Empowering Cybersecurity Excellence Globally
Connecting Experts, Strengthening Defenses

Networking, Learning, and Collaboration

The Global Cybersecurity Association (GCA) is an initiative of Transform Foundation, registered in India as a Non-Profit organization, governed by Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. GCA is your gateway to a thriving ecosystem designed to facilitate networking, foster learning, and enhance cybersecurity resilience in both Information and Operational Technology (IT/OT) domains. Our community is a dynamic fusion of cybersecurity experts, forward-thinking CISOs, industry-leading brands, seasoned implementation experts, and influential industry associations, all collaborating on a shared mission: fortifying cybersecurity.

GCA thrives on the principles of networking, learning, and collaboration. We understand that the world of cybersecurity is constantly changing, and we equip our members with the tools and resources they need to confidently navigate this ever-evolving landscape. Together, we strengthen cybersecurity defenses and build a future where cyber threats are met with resilience and confidence.

At GCA, we’ve built an environment that empowers our members with invaluable insights, best practices, and collaborative opportunities to bolster their cybersecurity posture. Here, knowledge flows freely, ensuring that our community stays well-informed about the evolving threats in the dynamic cybersecurity landscape.

What sets GCA apart is our well-defined structure for managing our activities and committees, each representing a distinct domain within cybersecurity. Our enabling organizational structure includes key roles at GCA & Committee levels.

Structured Excellence in Cybersecurity Leadership
Navigating Cyber Challenges with Confidence


At the heart of the Global Cybersecurity Association (GCA) lies a robust management structure that steers the organization toward excellence. The GCA Governing Council (GCAGC) serves as the vanguard, setting the course for GCA’s strategic direction. Leading with unwavering vision and purpose, the GCA President (GCAP) ensures that this vision becomes a reality.

The GCA Secretariat, a dynamic ensemble, comprises the GCA Staff Liaison (GCASL), GCA Documentation Associate (GCADA), and GCA Conferences, Awards & Expositions (GCACAE) teams. Together, they harmonize the intricate operations of GCA, ensuring that every aspect of the organization functions seamlessly. This dedicated team empowers GCA to fulfill its mission of advancing cybersecurity and fortifying industry practices with unparalleled efficiency and expertise.


Our committees play a pivotal role in advancing cybersecurity, and their functions are efficiently managed to ensure the fulfillment of their mission. At the core of committee leadership is the Committee Executive Panel (CEP), comprised of eminent cybersecurity leaders and experts. They provide strategic vision, exhibit influential leadership, and drive impactful initiatives. The CEP’s wealth of experience in the field ensures that committee activities align seamlessly with the GCA’s overarching mission.

Complementing the CEP’s vision, the Committee Staff Liaison (CSL) plays a central role in facilitating communication, coordinating logistics, and supporting the realization of committee objectives. The CSL serves as the key coordinator for operational efficiency, ensuring that committee activities run seamlessly. Together with the Committee Documentation Associate (CDA), who meticulously documents and organizes committee activities, these roles create a dynamic synergy that fosters transparency, informed decision-making, and collaboration within the committee. In unison, they drive positive change in the dynamic realm of cybersecurity, setting the stage for a more secure digital future.

A Commitment to Continuous Learning, Engagement and Contribution

GCA takes pride in actively engaging its members for continuous learning, professional development, and the strengthening of cybersecurity readiness. This commitment manifests through various initiatives, including content sharing, policy reviews, guidance and mentoring programs, and more.

Join us at GCA and become part of a vibrant community dedicated to fortifying cybersecurity across the IT/OT spectrum. Together, we pave the way for a secure digital future.