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At the Global Cybersecurity Association (GCA), we take immense pride in the caliber and expertise of our esteemed membership. Our organization is privileged to have professionals from renowned organizations around the world, representing a diverse range of industries and sectors.

Our membership base is a testament to the global recognition and respect that the GCA has earned as a leading authority in the field of cybersecurity. We attract professionals who are passionate about safeguarding digital assets, combating cyber threats, and promoting a secure digital environment globally.

The GCA membership is composed of individuals who have demonstrated exceptional skills, knowledge, and dedication to the field of cybersecurity. They bring invaluable experience from various sectors, including technology, finance, healthcare, government, education, and more. Our members have made significant contributions to their respective organizations and have a proven track record of excellence in their work.

We are proud to have such an esteemed membership, as it reflects the high standards and unwavering commitment to excellence that define the Global Cybersecurity Association. Together, we strive to make a significant impact in protecting organizations, individuals, and critical infrastructure from cyber threats.

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The Global Cybersecurity Association (GCA) is a thriving ecosystem that fosters a conducive environment for networking, learning, and enhancing cybersecurity resilience in the Information and Operational Technology (IT/OT) domain.

Our community brings together cybersecurity experts, CISOs, leading brands, implementation experts, and industry associations to create a collaborative platform. By becoming a part of the GCA network, members gain access to invaluable insights, best practices, and collaborative opportunities aimed at fortifying their cybersecurity posture.

The ecosystem empowers participants to share knowledge, stay well-informed about evolving threats in the dynamic cybersecurity landscape, and be prepared to mitigate risks effectively. Through networking, learning, and collaboration, GCA equips members with the tools and resources they need to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses and navigate the ever-changing IT/OT cybersecurity landscape with confidence.

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Cybersecurity must be a core strategic priority for organizations of all kinds.


Cybersecurity is not a technical problem, it’s a business problem.

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🎙️ 👂 Martina Chitu, Viktor Paggio a Štěpán Pekárek z Risk Advisory týmu v Deloitte v tomto speciálním podcastu rozebrali nařízení #DORA...


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Explore 'AI in Cybersecurity' with Nishikanth Nandiraju, Head of Security Services at Tecnics Integration Technologies!

Explore ‘AI in Cybersecurity’ with Nishikanth Nandiraju, Head of Security Services at Tecnics Integration Technologies!

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