Welcome to the GCA GRC Committee Conference

Join us for the inaugural GCA GRC Committee Conference, where we aim to bring all committee members together for a face-to-face introduction and networking opportunity. This event will provide valuable insights into the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) ecosystem, discuss emerging opportunities, and outline the core objectives and roadmap of GCA.

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Conference Objectives

• Formally roll out the GCA gathering among committee members.
• Facilitate face-to-face introductions and networking.
• Engage with industry experts on the GRC ecosystem and its opportunities.
• Provide insights into the core objectives and roadmap of GCA.

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Agenda at a glance

2-Day Cybersecurity Conference Program with Non-Technical Session

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Speaker Opportunities

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Panel Discussions

Participate in dynamic panel discussions that bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and practitioners to explore key cybersecurity topics and trends. Our panel discussions provide a platform for meaningful dialogue, debate, and knowledge sharing on a variety of cybersecurity issues, from threat intelligence and incident response to compliance and risk management. Engage with fellow panelists and contribute to thought-provoking discussions that shape the future of cybersecurity.

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“The GCA Index is a valuable tool for raising awareness about cybersecurity preparedness and identifying areas for improvement. It will be crucial for driving national conversations and collaborative efforts towards a more secure cyberspace.”

“I commend the GCA for taking the initiative to develop the GCA Index. It provides a comprehensive assessment that can guide investments, inform policy decisions, and empower individuals and organizations to strengthen their cybersecurity posture.”

“The launch of the GCA Index marks a significant step forward in India’s cybersecurity journey. The data-driven insights will be instrumental in benchmarking progress, setting priorities, and fostering collaboration across stakeholders.”

The GCA Index highlights the importance of multi-stakeholder collaboration in addressing cybersecurity challenges. By working together, government, industry, academia, and civil society can leverage the index’s findings to build a more resilient cyberspace.”

Our 2024 Conference Themes

Cloud Security Leadership

Frontline Cyber Roles

Threat Evolution Dynamics

Trust Framework Development

Cyber Future Trends

Resilience in Digital Infrastructure

Tackling cyber threats and protecting our digital world

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GCA Index Launch - News and Coverage Snippets (February 12, 2024)

BW Businessworld

GCA Launches Index to Measure India’s Cybersecurity Preparedness.

The Hindu

New Index Aims to Assess India’s Cybersecurity Posture.

Economic Times

GCA Index Unveiled to Evaluate India’s Cybersecurity Readiness.

Here's your arsenal of knowledge and connection:

  • Boardroom to Battlefield: Dedicated sessions equip board members with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively govern cybersecurity. Understand your role in risk management, hold leadership accountable, and make informed decisions that safeguard your organization’s future.
  • From theory to tactics: Hone your skills through interactive workshops led by seasoned security professionals. Learn to build a culture of security within your organization, navigate the complexities of GRC frameworks, and leverage the power of automation to streamline processes.
  • Forge alliances, share intel: Network with CISOs, board members, security experts, and industry leaders. Discuss best practices, discover innovative solutions, and build partnerships that strengthen your defenses.
  • Explore the future of security: Immerse yourself in the Exhibition Hall, a showcase of cutting-edge technologies and solutions from leading vendors. Discover the tools you need to stay ahead of the curve and fortify your digital walls.
GCA is more than just a conference; it’s a community. We believe that collaboration is the key to building a secure digital future. Join us as we unite the cybersecurity force, sharing knowledge, inspiring innovation, and charting a course towards a brighter, safer tomorrow.

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