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Elevate Your Presence in Cybersecurity
Be Recognized, Trusted, and Connected with GCA Index


Unparalleled Visibility

Gain unparalleled visibility within the cybersecurity ecosystem, positioning your brand and offerings in front of key industry stakeholders.

Strategic Partnerships

Foster strategic partnerships and collaborations with organizations worldwide through our extensive network.

Enhanced Credibility

Boost your credibility by being listed among the best in the cybersecurity industry, recognized and endorsed by the Global Cybersecurity Association.

Connect Globally

Reach a global audience and connect with industry leaders and decision-makers.

Trusted Directory

Benefit from being listed among the most trusted and credible cybersecurity solutions globally.

Strategic Collaborations

Unlock opportunities for strategic partnerships and collaborations within the cybersecurity community.

Comprehensive Domains

Explore and be explored across eight critical domains covering the entire cybersecurity spectrum.

Enhanced Visibility

Elevate your brand visibility and gain recognition among key stakeholders in the industry.

Hard Copy Publication

Your listing gets featured not only online but also in a published hard copy distributed widely for broader recognition.

GCA Index Selection Criteria & Evaluation Process

Selection Process:


  • Established for at least 3 years.
  • Average annual revenue of at least 0.5 Cr for the past 3 years.

*Condition of average annual revenue not applicable for startups.


1. Category Selection

Select the relevant category for submission. There are two categories available for listing. One is the listing of product, service or solution relevant for organizations and the other listing of product, service and solution relevant for individuals.

2. Domain / Product Selection

Choose the relevant cybersecurity domain or product.

3. Submission Details

Provide comprehensive information under 10 categories, including:

4. Initial Documentation Assessment Fee

This fee is payable at the time of application submission.

5. Initial Documentation Assessment

Documents and information submitted is evaluated for completeness and eligibility for moving to the next stage of technical assessment. Additional information may be requested at this stage which will have to be submitted within the stipulated timelines.

6. Documentation-based Technical Evaluation Fee

Applicants who pass the initial assessment pay this fee before proceeding.

7. Technical Evaluation

Products, services, and solutions are evaluated based on submitted documents and information. This stage may involve additional documentation for clarification and further information.

8. Demonstration/Testing Fee

Applicants passing the document based technical evaluation pay this fee before product demonstration/testing.

9. Demonstration/Testing

Selected products undergo physical or online demonstration/testing. Only successful participants move forward.

10. Product Availability & Supply Capabilities

Company's ability to create, deliver, maintain, and service the product is evaluated.

11. Notification & Listing Fee

Successful applicants are notified and required to pay a listing fee for inclusion in the GCA Index.

12. Publication

Listings appear online and in a hard copy publication.

Application submission deadline: 30th June 2024